Amid Financial Woes, Can Can Drops Second Can

Faced with increasing costs and declining sales brought on by a down economy, Can Can Brasserie dropped the second Can from its name today, a move that is expected to save the Carytown restaurant approximately $2,000 each year and roughly an inch of type-space on its menus.

“We thought about switching from Can Can to Could Could – you know, so that we wouldn’t be overpromising anything – but realized that it would just be cheaper to paint over the sign and scribble out the menus,” said Chris Ripp, proprietor and executive chef of what is now known as Can Brasserie. “But we’ve got a little more room to move now that we’ve freed up some space, and we are still the same restaurant that Richmonders have come to know for fine food and drinks, exceptional service and a great atmosphere – now just with a little less name in the title.”

The move comes on the heels of other cost-cutting measures at Can, including the removal of the 3120 W. Cary St. restaurant’s windows, roof, and rear legs on each chair.


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