Police: Protester Who Took Shirt Off At Airport In Great Shape

Police at Richmond International Airport arrested a Charlottesville man last week after he removed his shirt in protest of security screening procedures and charged the 21-year-old with disorderly conduct, noting that his athletic build and rippling abdominals were quite a sight to behold.

“Around 2:15 p.m. last Thursday at Checkpoint B, our officers detained a young man who was absent of his pants and shirt in a public place, who was apparently opposed to our screening procedures but was nonetheless acting in an inappropriate manner,” said RIC police chief Spencer Hurt, holding up a police photo of a shirtless Aaron Tobey. “But just look at the way his upper body comes down into that classic V-shape. This kid is a modern day Adonis.”

Police said that Tobey – who the rather portly Hurt called “the complete package” – stripped down to his running shorts after refusing to walk through the airport’s full-body scanners. Despite the shorts, Hurt noted that the young man probably does more than just go on jogs. Likely a lot of weight lifting going on there, and I might even say some swimming or pole vaulting, if you asked me.

The photo released by police shows the upper torso of the Charlottesville resident, who police believe probably works out five to six times a week and actively monitors his caloric consumption. On the University of Cincinnati student’s upper body, which is hairless, are the words of the Fourth Amendment, which protects Americans from unreasonable search and seizure no matter what shape they are in – though it just so happens this particular American happens to be fairly jacked.

“He’s even got those cool muscle lines on his lower abs, which I could never figure out how to get for myself,” Hurt said, pointing out his belly.

Tobey will be arraigned in Henrico General District Court on Monday, unfortunately probably with a shirt on.


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