‘Tron’: Could It Happen In Richmond?

As the nation prepares for this Friday’s release of Tron: Legacy, many Richmond residents are wondering if such a scenario – the story of a man who is pulled into a video game and battles a ruthless villain – could happen here.

Experts say that such an incident, however plausible, is highly unlikely to ever take place within the metro area.

“We have seen instances in many of the larger U.S. cities – New York, Chicago, L.A. – of people being transported into a digital world in order to rescue their father from bad guys,” said Daniel Fawbush, a Virginia Commonwealth University sociology professor who has for years researched the digitization of real objects such as actor Jeff Bridges. “Richmond really lacks many of the technological capabilities that are required for people to be pulled into an arcade game, explore the neon realm of an advanced cyber-universe, or do those cool Light Cycle battles.”

“And it could be years before Richmond is ever capable of inserting Jeff Bridges into a video game,” he added.

The VCU professor did note that despite a low possibility of anyone in the metro area ever participating in such high-tech, high-stakes gladiatorial games, there remains a high chance that local men will view online photographs of Tron’s Olivia Wilde in her black leather outfit.


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  1. I strongly, strongly disagree… with Northern Virginia as the central hub of all web traffic, large hi-tech companies based around the DC area… we here in central Virginia have a way better than average shot at our sons finding us lost souls should we get digitized….

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