Local Political Reporter Totally Forgets This Is Restaurant Week

All eyes have turned to Virginia in the last remaining days leading up to the 2012 elections, as political scientists agree that the races throughout the Commonwealth could hold the key to hey, isn’t this Restaurant Week?

Damn, I completely forgot all about it. When does it end? Let me check the website. Sunday? I hope there’s still time to make reservations somewhere. This is such a great chance to get a preview of the full menu at these places, which is not unlike how the November election could be a glimpse into how President Obama and Virginia Democratic Senator Jim Webb will fare in the 2014 race.

“We can expect redistricting to have a major impact on the state elections, particularly when you consider Fairfax County, which, being the most populous part of the state, will turn into a key battleground,” said Virginia Commonwealth University political science professor Robert McKenna, who added that a friend told him the sautéed veal scallopine with portobello mushrooms at La Grotta is to die for. “And that reminds me, I just realized my wife asked me on Monday to make reservations for tonight at La Grotta and I completely forgot to do it.”

Added McKenna: “She is going to be so pissed if we or the Dems lose those seats.”

McKenna noted that since 2003, every Virginia state election has foreshadowed the proceeding federal election, which, where did I go last year for Restaurant Week? Hard Shell? It was okay, nothing too great. Or maybe Hard Shell was the year before. I think last year was Bacchus, which was awesome. Huge portions. Plus I think this all benefits the food bank or something, so that’s cool I guess.

The GOP, led by Gov. Bob McDonnell and some other Republicans, or maybe the attorney general, will be doing some last minute stumping around Virginia this weekend as okay I seriously can’t write about politics anymore today, does Restaurant Week include lunch menus?


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  1. Well, at least the local knife and gun club didn’t forget. Another melee at the Have a Nice Day Cafe…. Maybe they should consider a name change…

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