Councilwoman's Meat-Heavy Halloween Costume Nearly Finished

Walking through one of the region’s pop-up Halloween stores, Richmond City Councilwoman Kathy C. Graziano told reporters today that she has nearly completed her costume for this weekend, having purchased 60 of the 65 lbs. of raw meat that the outfit will require.

The 4th District Councilwoman also planned to run by the hardware store to pick up some PVC pipe and green paint in order to complete the arm cannon portion of her getup.

“I’m having the hardest time finding a used tuba for under $200, though,” said Graziano, who admitted that she is curious as to how long she’ll be able to move around on Rollerblades during Saturday night’s party. “But how awesome is this polka-dotted fanny pack that I found on craigslist? It’ll be perfect for holding the antique African tribal mask if it gets too stuffy in there.”

Graziano noted that she hopes to have a place to drop the tri-corner colonial hat should she get tired of wearing it, but could perhaps stick it into the saddlebag on the donkey she plans to ride into the party.


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