Majorly Discounted Human Hands Found At J. Crew Warehouse Sale

Shoppers at the hectic J. Crew warehouse sale in western Henrico County this week said they were thrilled to find clothes at bargain-basement prices along with dozens of majorly discounted human hands, some as much as 60 percent off.

“I’d heard about the J. Crew sale in the paper, so some friends and I went out there to buy some winter clothes over the weekend,” said Paige Manning, who said she never thought she’d find such a high-quality Caucasian hand for less than $15. “Obviously this one was part of an unmatched pair because I couldn’t find the left one, but it’ll be perfect when it comes time to break out springtime [clothing] again.”

The rummage sale, open daily through Oct. 17 in the TJ Maxx shopping center, is offering men’s and women’s J. Crew clothing for deeply discounted prices. Many of the items have minor defects, though shoppers said most of the hands appear to be in mint condition, making them perfect for wearing to work or to formal occasions.


2 thoughts on “Majorly Discounted Human Hands Found At J. Crew Warehouse Sale

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  1. What is a “Caucasian Hand”? It’s some really ignorant reference right? Because J. Crew isn’t made in the USA, and even if it were made in the USA, it’s pretty damn likely it’s not made by “Caucasian Hands”

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