Local Weatherman Hoping To Score Some Hot Earl Action

Giddy and unable to sleep for the past three nights, NBC12 meteorologist Andrew Freiden told reporters today that despite it having weakened to a Category 3 hurricane, he still had “high hopes” of getting some hot Earl action here in Richmond.

Freiden said he would love to land some sweet hurricane tail in the form of at least a Category 1 on the Saffir-Simpson Hurricane Wind Scale, which would involve dangerous winds and structure damage – particularly with mobile homes and poorly constructed frame houses – and some possible flooding.

“Current models are showing this little hottie heading up the coast, but I tell you what, I’m thinking that if this baby pitches gradually northwest a bit more at up to 17 miles per hour, we could be talking heavy rains here in the metro Richmond area by the weekend,” said Freiden, visibly salivating at the thought of interrupting regularly scheduled NBC programming to announce a hurricane watch.

“Just check out its eyewall, dude,” he said, looking at the hurricane model on a TV monitor. “It’s just so tight and round.”

Freiden said he was further enticed by the possibility of standing outside and getting to report on Earl in Richmond after the hurricane texted him a picture of its unclothed outer rainband.


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