Mayor Admits To Lady Gaga ‘Obsession’

Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones this weekend confirmed his nearly yearlong obsession with pop star Lady Gaga, a revelation that many insiders believe casts doubt upon the city leader’s taste in music.

Allegations of Jones’ apparent Gaga infatuation first surfaced late last year after a City Hall staffer accidentally picked up the mayor’s iPod, thinking it was his own, then claimed to have found “between 15 and 20” songs by the pop princess, known for such hits as “Paparazzi” and “Just Dance.” Sources said the mayor could have as many as 15 to 30 additional Gaga tracks stored on his iTunes.

“I am here today to tell citizens in this city that the rumors are true: I have been a devoted Lady Gaga follower now for nearly a year,” a visibly emotional Jones told reporters, admitting to his attendance at Lady Gaga’s Sept. 28 show at Richmond’s Landmark Theater and having been hooked ever since. “They were free tickets, so I figured I’d go just to see what the hubbub was about. But after hearing her belt out ‘Beautiful, Dirty, Rich’ I knew I would forever be a little monster.”

Gaga uses the term “little monsters” to describe her fanbase.

Jones, who characterizes his musical taste as “indie and alternative rock” and lists off artists such as The Postelles, Arcade Fire and Sufjan Stevens as favorites, said Gaga has become “a bit more than a guilty pleasure” since last year’s show, and he sometimes requests the pop star’s hits while traveling in his executive SUV. Staffers, who refused to be named, said that they too enjoy many of Lady Gaga’s hits, just not at the level of Jones.

“I think we listened to ‘Bad Romance’ at least nine times in a single day at the office last week,” said one staffer, who spoke on the condition of anonymity. “He hears it and starts throwing his hands up in the air, and then streams his fingers down his face and pretends to be in agony during the ‘I don’t wanna be friends’ part of the song. It’s totally weird.”

Staffers said the obsession is believed to have reached its peak on June 12, when the mayor attended his weekly cabinet meeting covered in pig’s blood with a set of antlers on his head.


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