Source: Incoming Lane Does Not Stop

The incoming lane does not stop, sources confirmed today.

“The incoming lane does not stop,” the source added, double checking all three incoming lanes just to be sure. “Yep, the incoming lane does not stop.”

Repeated the source: “The incoming lane does not stop.”

The incoming lane – which has not stopped since its opening on September 17, 2003 – will continue to not stop for well into the future, the source added. Despite signage indicating that the incoming lane does not stop, many people have chosen to stop, much to the dismay of others who know full well that the incoming lane is to continue moving forward.

According to the source, seriously, what the hell, how hard is this to figure out?


One thought on “Source: Incoming Lane Does Not Stop

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  1. Harder than very and louder than WTF!

    That officer is why you have a job, and RVA is the insurance capital of these sodomy lovin’ 50 states. Might I remind you, an unmarried woman is about to take the highest bench?

    You mean a tennis umpire?

    No! Sit a spell while I loosen this infernal belt.

    Merge, converge? It was always right when it was one, then it was two and now it is three merging lanes. It’s confounding when one never ends.

    See what we have he’ya? It’s a revolution created from a resolution and now everybody is merging the hell out of everyone.

    I don’t understand what you are saying.

    That officer is why you will always be short, dumb and blonde. I do say, I can see where you must have had a fun time on your wrestling team.

    Give me back my swizzle stick and I’ll give you back your pen.

    I can’t do that, your Honor, sir. But thank you for the valet jobs at The Club.

    Thank you for identifying me as a master of race and gender.

    Since my belt is loosened, let me try again. You got beef BBQ, chicken BBQ and pork BBQ. Once everything is all slathered-up is it three lanes or one big happy lane to eat-up until it merges where my sun always shines? That officer is still only one lane.

    Sir, put it that way and your lane goes on forever.

    Finally officer, we agree. We are on the express lane to a highway to hell. Give me back my swizzle stick ’cause my vittles got to move along. See you tomorrow in chambers. I look better in my robes and I won’t be wearing a party hat.

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