Stuffed Cougar Cookbook Destroyed In Suburban House Fire

A four-alarm fire in Henrico County’s West End devastated a three-bedroom home there last night, displacing a family of five and destroying their Stuffed Cougar cookbook.

Henrico battalion chief Richard Shore told reporters that the house in Short  Pump’s Rolling Fox Creek neighborhood was a total loss, and said the same of the family’s 1973 cookbook sold by Collegiate School, now a staple in homes across the region.

Shore said that he did not know the value of the damage to the house and its contents, though he recalled that you can buy a Stuffed Cougar – filled with nearly 300 delicious, home-cooked recipes – for around $15 these days. The family is staying at nearby relative’s house, although it is unclear whether it contains the beloved Richmond cookbook that is dedicated “to people who love to eat.”

“By the time we arrived at the home late last night it was too late. However, the entire family was able to get out safely,” Shore said. “I only hope they recall how to make that beef stew, which my mother still makes for us kids today.”

“If not, we recommend they visit a local bookstore and buy another,” he added.

The fire was first reported at 4 a.m. and was brought under control by 7 a.m. this morning. Shore said the cause was still being determined, but appears to be tied to a grease fire that began while cooking the Stuffed Cougar’s Chicken Divan.


3 thoughts on “Stuffed Cougar Cookbook Destroyed In Suburban House Fire

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  1. Chicken Divan is a baked dish. How could it start a grease fire?

    I smell a media cover up… a bubbly, golden brown cover up.

  2. It’s a baked dish, but you must fry/saute the chicken and mushrooms before you bake it. So, this story is deliciously accurate.

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