Study: Boulevard Great!


According to a striking new study from researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University, 100 percent of residents who live on the Boulevard think it is just absolutely awesome!

“Yay!” according to the study, in which researchers interviewed 655 residents of the iconic Richmond thoroughfare, all of whom believed it to be, like, the best street ever!

“Our findings indicate some of the numerous socioeconomic and environmental factors that push residents to gravitate toward arriving at the conclusion that the Boulevard is so totally awesomely wickedly rad!” said Daniel Fawbush, a VCU sociology professor and lead researcher on the 117-page study. “This research has supported our original hypothesis, which was that the Boulevard is so totally super duper! Really just the cat’s pajamas!”

The study noted that 36 percent of Boulevard residents said the avenue is cool because of its proximity to bars and restaurants, while 15 percent noted “the Bouley’s” epicness because of its beauty. The remainder –  49 percent – said that the Boulevard is dope because almost every apartment on it has at least one window where you can look out and see one of your neighbors changing.

The study’s margin of error was zero.


5 thoughts on “Study: Boulevard Great!

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  1. Don’t forget North Boulevard… Flying Squirrels, Movieland, and Buz and Neds. You can’t beat Buz and Neds.

  2. Crappy busted old sidewalks, crummy old apartments full of lead chips centipedes, and 100 year old bathroom fixtures. Charming clawfoot tub!

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