IndyCar Series Announces Monument Avenue 400

The nation’s premier single-seat open wheel racing series today announced its newest race in Richmond along the city’s most historic street, an event that organizers are calling the Monument Avenue 400.

The IndyCar Series will race along the Richmond street for the first time in May 2011, according to a press release from the Indianapolis-based organization. The start line will be placed at the J.E.B Stuart monument at Lombardy Street and run west before looping around the Arthur Ashe Jr. monument and heading back.

During the 134-lap race, cars will reach their top speeds of more than 220 miles per hour along the 3-mile loop around the heart of the city’s most cherished thoroughfare.

“We’re excited to bring the thrill of open wheel racing to downtown Richmond, and look forward to making Monument Avenue one of the best auto races in the world,” said IndyCar Series CEO Dave Wallace, noting nearby homes will “hopefully” be protected from high-speed crashes with the installation of a 15-foot-tall fence along the historic street. “And with those cobblestones, you can bet they’ll be popping loose and making for some spectacular, fiery wrecks.”

Still, residents of the tree-lined Monument Avenue – recognized as one of the greatest streets in the country by the American Planning Association – expressed resignation over a potentially dangerous event taking place just a few feet from their homes.

“Staging a race along a historic street like this, particularly through a residential area, is a recipe for disaster and will be horrible for this wonderful avenue,” said Blair Landers, a Monument resident for nearly 20 years. “However, as long as those race fans along the track stay off my lawn, I think this could truly be a great event for the city.”


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  1. Virginia breweries, wineries and distillers unite behind an exciting new reason to kill yourself drinking piss, plonk and puke.
    As former legislator and illiterate judge Claire Reed Thrombosis recalls with gimlet eye, “I rememba many a night in the grand Jeffassin Hotel confused by words I could not pronounce, nor explain. I do recall other distinguished membas. Was it Henry howling, “Why should Hollywood have all the fun?” “Damn, I do not recall all of my interludes,” he added.
    In the spirit of Judge Thrombosis’ illustrious career, the inaugural race around monuments of brave, rich, seriously dead dimwits, and some deceased likable guy with a racquet, will henceforth be named “Why Should Hollywood Have All the Fun?”
    This event will bring Pickett’s Charge to life in Richmond for hunkered down folks in their parlors. “Keep it in Gettysburg our property values are already shite,” they shout. As windows, doors and porches collapse upon them, spectators on Monument Avenue will scream, “Where’s the Easter Bunny?”
    “To hell with race cars crashing. Between Richmond’s booze affair and cobblestones hurtling at 200 miles an hour, Hollywood Cemetery will build a grandstand,” enthused Dave Wallace. Wallace chortled, “This isn’t the Monument Avenue 400, it’s a reenactment.”

  2. Kudos to those in the economic development groups, leaders of our tourism groups, etc for stepping out of the shadow of “old richmond” and being willing to bring something so daring and exciting to the city! Let’s do more creative stuff like this! Motorcross on Brown’s Island??!!

  3. Baltimore, Las Vages and High Point NC (near Greensboro), St Petersburg FL, Toronto, Long Beach, Houston, and other cities have either done this or are floating the idea of it. If they build the safety walls properly to protect both personal property and the monuments, this could be a great event for the Richmond Region with regards to tourism.

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