New Facility To Bring Sports To The Area

Chesterfield County leaders this week signed a $4.3 million deal with SportsQuest, a sports and entertainment complex that, for the first time in the region’s history, will offer local residents the ability to play sports.

The 250-acre  facility – which includes nine synthetic-turf playing fields, tracks, an ice rink, sporty things, gymnasium space and more – will let Richmond area residents of all ages experience the thrill of activities such as baseball, basketball, soccer, football and running for the first time in their lives.

“For centuries, those living in Central Virginia have been robbed of the ability to pass a ball, go out for a jog, or get together with friends for a pickup game of basketball or baseball,” said SportsQuest CEO Dave Alley, adding that opportunities once unavailable to locals – in particular, walking – will be possible with the new facility.

“We really think people are going to enjoy physical activity,” he added.

SportsQuest is expected to open on Labor Day weekend, and joins a number of local businesses that have recently opened to bring first-time experiences to local residents, including Movieland and Bobby’s Breathing Store.


2 thoughts on “New Facility To Bring Sports To The Area

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  1. Chest’ville knows how to bring the toys for sports. Teachers lament about firings? No problem, obviously someone needs to count $core. We call it a Chest’ville bonus. They are in through nine innings or fourth quarters or laps-laps-laps or anything else at our SportsQuest Park. This is why we moved to wonderland. Dad what does quest mean? Who the hell knows! If it smells good, looks good and shines sunshine like my ass, damn, it’s gotta be good. Don’t worry about spit, dirty towels or the smell of defeat. Your unemployed teacher will take care of it. Wonderland? If I had my way I’d call it Pigs Holler Sometimes. Why Fat Daddy? Because we always make the teachers squeal.

  2. I can’t wait for this! I’ve been trying walking at increased speeds on the street, but I am really looking forward to trying, how do you say, “running”? Finally there will be a proper place for me to try this activity! Look out Usain Bolt, here I come!

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