Obligatory Monument Avenue 10K Story

Introductory and anecdotal “lede” paragraph to draw in reader about forthcoming Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K article, interviewing local person who talks about his or her excitement and personal interest in tomorrow’s race.

Second paragraph that sets up rest of story for reader, further explaining person’s reasons as to why they are running the 6.2-mile race.

“Good, positive quote that summarizes how much fun he or she plans to have and that the race is not about winning, and is more just an annual rite of spring,” said the person, followed by their age, followed either by the college they attend or attended, or their job. “Second follow-up quote from person, just to keep things light.”

Informative “nut” paragraph to explain wider context of previous anecdote and to list off facts and statistics about the Monument Avenue 10K, including the number of runners this year (37,000) and a brief mention that the race is one of the most popular of its kind. Maybe a line or two about changes to the race this year versus last, as well as a note about the weather forecast.

“Quote about all the hard work that goes into organizing the 10K every year,” said a representative from Richmond Sports Backers, the group that organizes the 10K every year. “Reaffirmation of the group’s due diligence and confidence in everything going smoothly.”

Brief mention of fact that this is possibly the last 10K sponsored by Ukrop’s Super Markets, which was sold and is changing its name to Martin’s.

“Line about the company’s continued commitment to the Monument Avenue 10K,” a representative from Martin’s said.

Circle back to runner at anecdotal start of the article, signifying upcoming end of story.

“Memorable quote from person to wrap up article in an aesthetically and emotionally pleasing way.”


13 thoughts on “Obligatory Monument Avenue 10K Story

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  1. Comment saying that I gave up on my training when I realized that going to the gym interfered with my evening TV routine. I’ll be on the sidelines, cheering on my girlfriend/wife as they accomplish their lifelong goal of running the race.

  2. Angry comment bemoaning the city’s loss of Ukrop’s (with non sequiter tangent about baseball and Shockoe Bottom).

  3. Rant about how the changes to Monument Avenue 10K are really Obama’s fault, including reference to health care and, oh, a final reminder that the Northerners who don’t like what I say are welcome to go back to NY where they belong.

  4. Pithy comment about how creative this article was and how much I enjoyed it.

    Attempt to establish authority in expressing involvement every race for last eight years. Nostalgic expression about the times when I could run the entire race quickly with little effort. Sad digression about the level of my aerobic involvement and preparations for this year’s event.

    Quick quip on being a marathoner and how little the event’s weather matters for a 10k. Clever sign off. My name.

  5. Angry comment from Fan resident about being virtually locked in their apartment due to closed roads and traffic detours on account of the race route. Guess I’ll just have to head to Buddy’s for a breakfast beer.

  6. Video inset of twenty-something local news reporter on the scene discussing pot-hole repair & today’s rain event with closing comment “It’s gonna be a wet one!”, followed by evil laugh.

  7. Eye-rolling, followed by peaceful acknowledgement of the by-the-book journalistic approach to an annual story of it’s nature. Coming soon, Monument Easter Parade story, same procedure.

  8. Ignorant comment posted from my parent’s basement about the foreign runners and why they shouldn’t be allowed to participate/dominate.

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