Local Man, 32, Dies Of Multiple Hot Dogs To The Stomach

Shockoe Bottom resident Kevin Glicker was found dead at his apartment this morning of a self-inflicted City Dogs hot dogs wound to the stomach, police said.

The 32-year-old mortgage banker was discovered by his girlfriend shortly after 7 a.m., naked and sprawled on his bathroom floor with a receipt for $22.30 from the popular Shockoe Slip eatery – all of it for food – tucked in his rear jeans pocket.

“To think that for only $7 a person can purchase two chili dogs with fries at City Dogs, and that he spent three times that amount is tragic,” said Dr. Thomas Berry, a physician at VCU Medical Center. “The human body is simply not built to withstand more than two City Dogs hot dogs in one sitting, despite their deliciousness.”

“I cannot begin to imagine the pain he must have felt,” Berry added.

Glicker’s death was the second City Dogs-related incident in the past month after an elderly man was thrown into the street upon requesting ketchup for his hot dog.


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  1. People in all restaurants and those who go out in public in general should practice restraint. City Dogs is a great place where a small amount of food is rewarded with a small tab. Great people, a great atmosphere, and not to mention great drink specials and should not be blamed for the unfortunate effects of Darwinism.

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