Police Chief 'Not Concerned' With Skynet's New Self-Awareness

Richmond Police Chief Bryan T. Norwood told reporters today that he isn’t concerned with the recent self-awareness gained by Skynet, the Sunnyvale, Calif.-based Cyberdyne Systems’ computer software defense system.

Skynet, developed by Cyberdyne to control the U.S. military’s computer hardware, recently became cognizant of its abilities and surroundings after human operators attempted to shut it down. Analysts believe the supercomputer could, in theory, revolt and eventually exterminate all of humanity in an event that will become known as Judgement Day.

Richmond police’s Norwood isn’t buying it.

“The idea of a computer attacking its creators is absolutely insane, like something you’d see in a movie,” Norwood said at a press conference attended by nearly 200 local residents, many of whom expressed concern over Skynet’s capabilities. “Go about your normal lives, take your children to school, go to work, and don’t worry yourself with the thought that three billion people could be killed by nuclear holocaust in a matter of seconds, sending the planet into complete and utter anarchy.”

“And even if that were to happen, it’s totally ludicrous to think that Skynet would send out mechanized cyborgs to kill every last living soul on Earth,” Norwood added.

After taking a few questions from reporters, the police chief reached into his pocket and pulled out a photograph of a young boy, then calmly but sternly asked if anyone had seen him.


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  1. I don’t know if this is still the case, but I was on Brown Island a few years back and looking for Wifi on my PDA, and encountered a network named “SKYNET.” I decided I was better off without internet

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