Ukrop's Sale: What Will Happen To The Apostrophe?


While the pending sale of Ukrop’s Super Markets Inc. to a division of Dutch company Royal Ahold will bring with it numerous changes to the family-owned grocery chain, officials this morning said they are still unsure what will happen to the apostrophe in the name “Ukrop’s.”

The punctuation mark – used to show the Ukrop family’s ownership of the grocery chain – was not included in the $140 million sale of the company to Giant-Carlisle, the Ahold USA division that will operate the 25 local Ukrop’s stores.  The transaction announcement was made yesterday.

“Whether it is in the aisles or included in our famous baked goods section, I am sure we will find a place for the apostrophe somewhere in the new stores,” said Ukrop’s CEO Bobby Ukrop, who will change his last name to Giant-Carlisle onukrop2ce the deal is finalized in February. “That little mark has been an important part of our history, though sometimes it made it difficult if we wanted to make the word Ukrop’s plural.”

Continued Ukrop: “Like would plural form be spelled Ukrop’s’, with a second apostrophe? Or would it be like Ukrop’ss with two s’s?  To this day I still have no idea.”

So why wasn’t the popular punctuational tool included in the transaction?  Giant-Carlisle president Rick Herring said Ukrop’s will eventually change its name to Martin’s, “so there was really no need for us to buy the apostrophe,” because the new store name will already carry one.

Ukrop’s was established in 1937 and is known for its exceptional customer service and longtime business practices of staying closed on Sundays and not selling alcohol.  Royal Ahold – a worldwide conglomerate that operates more than 6,500 grocery stores around the globe – said it will continue the policy of staying closed on Sundays and not selling beer or wine HAHA LOL JK, JK, they’re definitely gonna do both of those things.


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  1. Yes, folks forced to work on Sundays will be able to tell everyone they work for an Ahold… People will no longer see the familiar signage with the apostrophe but will ask folks if they have seen their Ahold’s…
    Arsonist would be able to burn a new Ahold’s and folks would be faced with the dilemma of discerning between their Ahold’s and a hole in the ground.
    Of course, the new owners of Ukrop’s are not just any Aholds but Royal-Aholds…. come to think of it, the asspostrophe might remain as it could be very asspropiate..
    Still, I think they will become the butt of many jokes…

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