News Outlets Unsure Of What To Cover Today

Representatives across the Richmond area’s mainstream media outlets said that they are unsure of what to report on today, adding that the entire state is lacking a “big story” that could top newspaper headlines, drive-time radio or the various morning, afternoon and evening TV broadcasts.

“I’m checking my notes and it’s the normal car wreck, a house fire, weather updates…just the same old, same old,” said WTVR-CBS6 anchor Angela Pellerano.  “Honestly, what we could really use on a slow news day such as today is a landmark shift in Virginia law, perhaps a topic that concerns consumers and/or the health of the general public.”

Added Pellerano: “Seriously though, why does the date ‘December 1’ ring such a bell?”

Print media officials similarly noted that they are going to be “hard pressed” to figure out a decent photograph to run on this, such a normal day for news coverage.

“It would be nice if something important were actually happening today, like a scenario in which we could take a picture of a small business owner who’s venture has been affected, for better or worse, by government action,” said Gerald Xavier, a city desk editor at the Richmond Times-Dispatch. “It’s too bad there’s nothing like that around today.”

WRVA-1140AM radio host Jimmy Barrett agreed.

“What I’d like to discuss is a statewide issue that has clear proponents and opponents, where we could interview lawmakers and ‘Average Joe’s’ alike,” said Barrett, a 9-year veteran at the station.  “I guess people have different opinions of the weather, so – barring no other major story that coincides and conflicts with more than 400 years of Virginia’s history – the weather it is.”

Xavier, at the Times-Dispatch, said that he planned an early afternoon meeting with staffers at a nearby pub, where they could sit down and discuss ideas for possible articles over a couple of beers and some cigarettes.


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