Sources: RUN!

According to various sources, get the hell out of here! Run! You gotta go now! Now! This whole place is about to go up in flames!

“Leave me behind, save yourself, you hear me? Get the fuck out of here,” one source said, noting they’re coming for us all, and, additionally, requested that you tell Rebecca that he loves her. “You gotta run! Run as fast as you can!”

Added the source: “The chopper is waiting, hurry!”

Several sources with knowledge of the situation but who are not authorized to speak on the matter also confirmed that Mark died in the initial blast, but we can’t think about that right now because you gotta keep your head together and get the hell out of here, no, no, no, we’re not going back, you have got to keep moving, goddammit John, listen to me, listen to me! LISTEN TO ME! We’re not going to make it out of here alive if we don’t keep moving, you have to pull yourself together, Jesus Christ it’s on my leg, get it off, get it off! Argh! They’re getting closer! The whole place is about to blow, dammit we’re not gotta make it to the helicopter! They’re gonna leave us here! Run!


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