Local Residents: 'Who Will Stop Rain?'

According to various local residents, long as they remember the rain’s been coming down, and additionally, clouds of mystery have been pouring and confusion is largely evident on the ground.

A good man through the ages who for several days has been trying to find the sun, Southside resident Stu Fogerty wondered today who, if anyone, would step up and stop the rain.

“And I wonder, still I wonder,” Fogerty asked, “who’ll stop the rain?”

Many local residents have gone as far as to travel down to portions of Virginia seeking shelter from the storm, only to end up caught in a fable, watching towers grow.  Others, concerned by the high levels of precipitation, have established five-year plans and new deals wrapped in golden chains.

Even still, most have been left wondering who – if anyone – will stop the rain.

In some parts of the state, residents claimed to have heard singers playing, and cheering for more.  One report out of Virginia Beach noted a crowd rushed together and tried to keep warm, but still the rain kept pouring.  “Falling on my ears,” noted John Clifford, a 52-year-old city resident.

He added that yesterday and days before the sun was cold and rain was hard, and he knew because it had been that way for all his time.


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