Report: Fed Building Kinda Looks Like Burrito


Researchers at the University of Virginia today released a 49-page report confirming a decades-long theory held by local residents that the Richmond Federal Reserve Bank and its metallic facade does, in fact, “sorta look like” a hot, wrapped-up burrito.  

Analysts said the findings may open a window into a deeper understanding of burrito- and delicious food-shaped buildings, particularly around the Richmond metropolitan area.

“I mean, I get hungry just looking at [the Fed],” said Danielle Carter, a sociology professor at U.Va. who led the five-month research project.  Over the course of 20 weeks, scientists observed the 24-story building from all four sides and from the air, analyzing hundreds of pages of blueprints and historical building data before arriving at a single conclusion: The Fed kinda looks like a giant filling of meats, vegetables, beans and rice, all wrapped up in a flour tortilla and aluminum foil.

“Certainly, the top edges and bottom could be a bit more curved like a wrapped burrito, and similarly, a burrito doesn’t really have the black vertical lines you see on the Fed, but let’s not split hairs here,” Carter said.  “Seriously, how awesome would it be if the Fed was actually really a burrito, filled with 24 stories of chicken, seared peppers and onions, and that lime-flavored rice.”

Added Carter: “My God, the rice.”

Local burrito lover and building-lookalikes analyst Michael Pacheco said he agreed with the report’s findings, and once even considered biting into the side of the building, home to the Fifth District of the Federal Reserve.

“I don’t think you can really look at the Fed and say it looks exactly like a burrito, but sure, there is definitely something there,” the 43-year-old said.  “It’s like when you look at one of Richmond’s smokestacks, how you immediately think of a hot dog.  Or when you look at the State Capitol and think of a slice of pizza.”

U.Va.’s Carter said she didn’t see the Capitol-pizza resemblance, but would certainly look into it.


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