Aquaman Giving Talk Today At VCU

Aquaman, the DC Comics hero who possesses the unique  and powerful superability to communicate with marine animals, will give a lecture today at Virginia Commonwealth University on the importance of protecting the Earth’s oceans.

Aquaman-Posters“There is no topic of greater importance to me than preserving the biological integrity of marine ecosystems by curbing overfishing and preventing the destruction of our precious marine habitats,” said the Justice League of America founder, who can swim really fast, like, even up a waterfall if he needed to do so. 

However, the lecture is expected to last only 30 minutes so that he can get back to the water, as Aquaman becomes weak if he stays on land for more than an hour or two.  “Superman has kryptonite, I have land,” chuckled Aquaman, who, unlike the Man of Steel, cannot fly or shoot anything out of his eyes and probably enjoys Nickelback’s music. 

Aquaman’s remarks will take place tonight at 6:30 p.m. in the Walter L. Rice Education Building, located at 1000 W. Cary St. A VCU spokesman said there are “plenty” of seats available for the talk, “possibly more than any event we’ve ever hosted.”

The superhero said he will stick around afterward for autographs – “briefly, as time is of the essence in order to get back to water” – should anyone actually want one.


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  1. Question… Does Aquaman go to a water closet to take a dump? I would hate to think about him swimming in his own phew…. And does he use toliet paper? Never got an answer on that one from the dudes at DC comics….

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