City Hall Janitor Charged With Putting Toilet Paper Rolls On Backward

A City Hall janitor was arrested today and charged with a Class 1 felony after police uncovered a four-year scheme by the city employee to put rolls of toilet paper onto dispensers “the backwards way,” investigators said.

Raymond M. Vera will be arraigned tomorrow in Richmond Circuit Court for what investigators called a “knowing, callous and willful loading” of rolls onto paper dispensers in the reversed manner, thus increasing difficulty to find and tear the paper.

“The correct toilet paper-install method, of course, is to position the roll such that the sheets sit smoothly over the top of the roll, giving the user easy access and tearing capabilities,” said Richmond Commonwealth’s Attorney Michael N. Herring, who called Vera “a sick human being” and noted the city would seek the greatest punishment possible.  “It is obvious to us that Mr. Vera has cost hundreds, if not thousands, of city employees wasted seconds in productivity time and, thus, taxpayer dollars.”

Vera’s bail has been set at $4.2 million.  His attorney said the janitor will plead guilty to the charge, though this is not the 53-year-old’s first brush with the law.  Last year, Vera was handed a $250 fine after officials said he cleaned City Hall’s window-pane doors “too well,” injuring several workers – including the mayor – who walked straight into them.


4 thoughts on “City Hall Janitor Charged With Putting Toilet Paper Rolls On Backward

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  1. Those who think toilet paper should not be put on in reverse have never owned a cat….

    The bigger crime here is the grade triple Z paper used that still has big chunks of wood floating in it, that and the supper thin single ply tissues that are often substituted. I am surprise city hall has not installed some type of hot air blower like the worthless hand driers found in commercial establishment.

    Lord knows they have enough hot air…..

  2. Wow, way to be an ahole, Mighty Dyckerson. I love this site & find it hilarious. There is absolutely no need for such negativity.

  3. Mighty Dyckerson- Congratulations on finding this site after like 3 years that it’s been up. Have you been living under a rock?

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