Local Armored Truck Driver Wants To Know Who Wants Some

Richmond-area armored truck driver and owner of McHale Security Inc. Carl McHale asked today if anyone wanted some, noting he is fully prepared to throw down should anyone try and start something.

“You see this thing? Basically a fortress built on a Ford-550’s chassis. Loaded with guns and grenades and stuff.  Who wants some?  Do you?  You want some?” asked the 52-year-old, who explains that he has long wanted to open up several cans of his special blend of Whoop Ass onto anyone who so much as lays a finger on his armored truck, which transports valuables from banks and retail establishments throughout Central Virginia.

Raising the tip of his tactical shotgun, McHale explained that he is more than ready to go up in fisticuffs with any sumbitch who tries to mess with him.

“You see the gun holes on the sides of this truck? They’re for sticking guns through,” he said.  “Our clients can rest assured that their valuables make it to their destination, and that we will take you down.”

Added McHale: “Bring it.”

Richmond resident Hugh Van Simonds said that he would likely heed McHale’s warning should he ever encounter the armored truck driver anywhere around town.

“I’ve seen in that Batman movie and Heat how hard it is to take out an armored truck, and this guy seems like the real deal,” the 25-year-old said, loading his rocket-propelled grenade launcher.  “That being said, he did just issue us a challenge, and I’ve never been one to turn down a dare.”


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