Cop Car Catches Big Air Coming Down Church Hill


A Richmond police officer in the midst of a high-speed pursuit said today that he “caught some wicked air” during the chase, thus fulfilling a lifelong career goal: to catch some wicked air in the midst of a high-speed pursuit.

“Dude, it was so awesome, I got call for a 481 [police code for hit and run], so I sped up to 31st Street and the guy was heading back down Broad…I flipped around and knew if I could get up enough speed I could nail the lip of the hill coming down, and get some major airtime,” said Richmond police Sgt. Aaron Zay, who described himself as being totally stoked at the time.  “It really was like something you’d see in a movie with Steve McQueen.”

Added Zay: “Or maybe that Transporter movie or something.”

Continued Zay: “Or Die Hard and basically anything with Bruce Willis, the ‘Bourne’ movies, or The French Connection, though that chase sequence is a bit dated.”

According to onlooker Mike Ridenour, Zay’s unmarked Ford Crown Victoria caught “at least seven or eight feet of air” on the jump, before hitting the ground pretty hard and bouncing up and down a few times for dramatic effect.

“It was pretty sweet, I mean, if I were the cop I’d have completely forgotten that I needed to catch the bad guy,” the 22-year-old said. “I’d really be focused on how awesome it looked.”

Zay later said that he had hoped the car he was chasing would take a hard turn so that he could do one of those “super badass” fishtails around a corner, but never managed to do so.


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