Council: Ed Trask Paintings For Every City Building

Richmond is about to get a little more colorful.

City Council members last night passed a landmark 9-0 resolution that will require murals by famed local artist Ed Trask to be put on the visible sides of all buildings within the Richmond metropolitan area’s 63-square-mile radius.

Trask, who has his imaginative murals on the insides and outsides of stores and shops throughout the Fan and downtown, is expected to paint approximately 2,800 more original trask1awall-based pieces by the end of 2012.

“It’s going to be a challenge, no doubt about it,” said Trask, who has already placed an order for nearly 111 million gallons of paint for the project.  Asked if he would contract help for what City Councilman Bruce W. Tyler called the “Traskification” of Richmond, the artist questioned whether Michelangelo requested help in his painting of the Sistine Chapel ceiling.

“Which he did not,” Trask added.

The passed resolution states that all public spaces – including restaurants, shops, banks, libraries and all other locations within view of any person – prominently display at least one work by Trask.

The Traskification is currently in Phase I, Tyler said, with the artist’s works found at Delux, Ellwood Thompson’s, Kuba Kuba, Sidewalk Cafe, LuLu’s and Banditos.  Based on the success of the resolution, the city may extend the statute to private residences by 2011.


16 thoughts on “Council: Ed Trask Paintings For Every City Building

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  1. Also, I believe Fox is working on a plan to have him paint the insides of eyelids on all incoming kindergartners next year as well as part of their EDucation initiative.

  2. I particularly like the detailed replica of the driving surface of the RMA that he painted ON the surface of the RMA. F’ing brilliant!

  3. I heard a rumor that he also applied for a business license and is going to start painting temporary 1920’s style moles on all the female council members. Is this really true Ed?

  4. I’m still waiting for the promised Edgar Allan Poe, David Robbins, and three other Richmond writers yet to be named playing poker painting over the entrance to the Fountain. Call me back, would you Ed?

  5. Do you realize what you have caused? There is much joy regarding this story as it has been taken seriously by many Richmonders. Trask told me this morning that it is an absolute falsehood. Most of your stuff is funny, but this went too far.

  6. @Charlie – You’re joking, right? If people are coming to this site for serious news, they are in the wrong place. From the disclaimer:

    Though it sometimes deals with actual events, Tobacco Avenue is completely fictitious. It is written solely for the purposes of satire and entertainment. All names are invented in stories, except when public figures or well-known people and organizations are being satirized. If a name turns out to be real, the instance is purely accidental and coincidental.

    ..And if people did believe it, well then that’s even funnier. It would be awesome if this story was real, ’cause Trask is a blessing.

  7. Charlie, I share your outrage. Some fellow citizens and I are planning a rally outside of Tobacco Avenue HQ during lunch hour today. Can we count on your support?

  8. Charlie, wow, really? THIS SITE IS SATIRE. If people take it seriously, then they need to have their head checked and most likely deserve to be disappointed. Ed Trask kicks ass, and this story is a huge compliment to the impact he’s made on Richmond. If it were true, awesome, but dude, saying this story “went too far” is just about the most overly dramatic BS I’ve heard in my 30 years on earth. Please step away from this site. Step away and let’s pretend this never happened.

  9. Charlie –

    Dude, so lame. So, so lame. So, so, SO lame.

    If anything this article was a compliment to Trask.

    And Trask is damn right it was a falsehood!

    So sorry that something caused joy for people. It sucks when people are happy.

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