Annual Elderly And Kids 10K Going On As Planned Despite Heat

Organizers for Richmond’s annual Elderly And Kids 10K said this morning that despite the excessive heat, the race will go forward as was planned with a pistol start today at noon.

The race – open to people ages three to 12 and 70 and older – will begin on Broad Street and form a 6.2 mile loop around the city, snaking through neighborhoods, downtown areas, and across vast stretches of shadeless blacktop and concrete. Nearly 20,000 elderly and young people are signed up for the grueling, largely uphill run.

“We’re not going to let a little bit of heat stop this great tradition and getting old people and youngsters out there and having a fun day in the sun,” said David Schneider, executive director of the National Elderly And Kids Race, which promotes the local event.  “Children and old people are resilient anyway, and plus, a little dry heat never hurt anyone, for the most part.” 

Still, Schneider said, organizers are taking extra precautions to ensure the race ends as quickly as possible so that runners can get out of the nearly 100-degree heat.  Such safety measures include removing all water and food stations along the route as to not slow runners down for breaks, and making sure all race-related cautions are thrown to the wind.


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