Ungrateful Toddler Orders PB&J At LuLu's, LuLu's For Christ's Sake

Shocking wait staff and patrons alike with his unbelievable gall, 18-month-old Cameron Smith had a peanut butter and jelly sandwich at LuLu’s – LuLu’s, for Christ’s sake – despite the Shockoe Bottom restaurant’s well-regarded menu of culinary delights.

toddlerThe brazen toddler, the youngest in a party of five, ate half the sandwich – hastily custom-made by the 17th Street restaurant’s award-winning chef – before dropping the remainder on the floor. 

Additionally, onlookers said the brash youngster showed no signs of emotion during the PB&J’s eating, while customers watched in chagrin as the little bastard got strawberry jelly all over his tiny, greedy fingers and demanded that his mother wipe them off.

“Who does that kid think he is, for Christ’s sake, coming in here and ordering a PBJ?” said Steve Jurina, chef at the highly-acclaimed restaurant.  “Did he not even recognize that we’re known for our homemade meatloaf, or has he not read the reviews of our bone-in smoked pork rack with poblano byrd mill grits and mango salsa?”

“It’s like he doesn’t even care,” Jurina added, noting the child who still cannot speak has no frigging idea what he’s missing.

LuLu’s patrons echoed the chef’s comments, saying they couldn’t believe the toddler would skip out on food from one of the city’s best eateries.

“I had the macaroni and cheese, which sounds a bit childish but they top it with grilled shrimp,” said Susan Scott, a diner from Chesterfield County who drove all the way downtown only to see some disrespectful little dick eat a sandwich he could have easily had at home.  “This kid was pretty ballsy, though, ordering something off the menu.  If I were the owner I wouldn’t have stood for it.”

As if the tiny shark’s antics at the dinner table were not enough, Smith was also caught staring blankly at other diners and was later escorted out of the restaurant by his parents after making it well known to the entire establishment that he wanted to get out of his high chair.


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  1. Those parents should be arrested for child abuse. You have to start children at an early age to learn to appreciate good food. Also don’t they realize he could have had an undetected peanut allergy. It is just frightening to think how much in danger the little tike could have been. I hope soon he is rescued and put into a home where they teach proper dining habits.

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