Poe Museum Gift Shop Has Mostly Just Stuff With Ravens On It

Tourist Melissa Perkins told reporters this weekend that the gift shop at Shockoe Bottom’s Edgar Allan Poe Museum, despite having a wide array of products, consists mostly of items with some sort of raven-related inspiration to them.

poeFrom cups and mousepads, to T-shirts and placemats, the 29-year-old said she found no shortage of trinkets with raven logos or illustrations, estimating that a solid 98 percent of all the goods sold at the 300-square-foot shop have, in some way, the likeness of a black perching bird.

“I got this cool pen with a raven on it, got a raven poster, and my mom bought some of the raven noodle soup, which I think is like ramen,” Perkins said of gift shop at the museum, located blocks away from the macabre poet’s first Richmond home in the early part of the 19th Century.

“Definitely can’t wait to take a few shots from the raven shot glass that Dad got for me,” she added.

Though Perkins said she enjoyed her trip to the small museum, when pressed by reporters as to whether she would return, the Baltimore native would only say, “Nevermore.”


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