Councilman On Real Bee Gees Kick Lately


Richmond City Councilman Bruce W. Tyler told reporters this morning that he’s been digging the soft rock of the Bee Gees during the past few weeks, popping on the trio whenever in the car, at the office, or during the evening at his home in the West End.

The 56-year-old Tyler, who has served on city council since 2006, said he was a major fan of the Bee Gees during their height in the 1970s disco era, though he acknowledges having listened to group – marked by singer Barry Gibb’s falsetto voice – “only sporadically” during the past three decades. 

However, the councilman said he has filled his iPod with at least 40 Bee Gees songs in the past week alone, largely from the soundtrack for 1977’s Saturday Night Fever.

“I haven’t been dipping so much into the rarities or the so called B-sides as the stuff you’ve all probably heard, like ‘Stayin’ Alive’ or ‘More Than a Woman’ and definitely ‘If I Can’t Have You,'” the District 1 councilman,  a Richmond native and architect, said of the nine-time Grammy award winners.  “I don’t know what it is, nostalgia perhaps, but those Gibb brothers [that comprise the Bee Gees] have really got me feeling like I’m in my twenties again.”

Added Tyler: “I forgot how much these guys ruled.”

Tyler, a University of Richmond graduate, said he is no doubt a fan of current adult contemporary artists such as Rob Thomas, Jason Mraz, or U2, but noted that it “just feels good” to rock out to “Night Fever” when the mood strikes, such as right now.


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