Local Artist To Paint Mural Onto Powhite Parkway

Famed local artist Ed Trask, known for his Americana-themed murals on the sides of numerous buildings around Richmond, said today that he will paint his latest composition onto the 12-mile strech of the Powhite Parkway.

Entited “Visions of Regionalism,” the mural will be placed on both the north- and south-bound lanes of the Powhite startintraskg this fall.  The toll road, which opened in 1973, will be closed for approximately six months during the mural’s development, rerouting traffic onto nearby roads throughout Chesterfield County.

“What I want this composition to symbolize and evoke is the need to bring the various communities in the Richmond area together and work as one,”  Trask said.  “Plus, painting on a road seems like it’d be kind of cool, I’ve never done that before.”

Still, while Trask believes the road mural will add an “implicit beauty” to Virginia State Route 76 – as the Powhite is technically known – there have been detractors to the project.  Critics have complained that the mural will cover up the toll road’s single- and dotted-white lines, typically necessary for alleviating traffic flow, along with the “STAY IN LANE” on-road signage near the E-ZPass terminals.

However, notes Trask: “I wouldn’t worry too much about that.”


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  1. Joss has the right implication. Next, I suppose the Arthur Ashe statue and its creator will be hailed as a successor to Rodin.

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