Virginia First Lady Can't Stop Talking About 'The Hangover'


Virginia First Lady Anne Holton told reporters this morning that she has now seen the new comedy The Hangover three times and can’t stop gushing about the box office hit with friends and family members.

“I have to admit that going into it, I wasn’t expecting much because I hadn’t seen a lot of previews,” said Holton, wife of Virginia Gov. Timothy M. Kaine, daughter of former governor A. Linwood Holton Jr., and self-described “huge fan” of  R-rated comedies.  “But from beginning to end, the movie was flat-out hilarious.  The story was great, the script was top notch, and [actor] Bradley Cooper is just so hot and fun to watch.  I loved every minute of it.”

The film chronicles a Las Vegas bachelor party gone wrong when three friends awake with no memory of the night before and a missing groom, who is supposed to get married the next day.  Holton, a mother of three, said that while she “would never let myself” get into situations such as those seen in the Warner Bros. film, “it sure made for one heck of a funny-ass movie.”

“The way in which you didn’t actually see the bachelor party, but only witness the crazy aftermath, really set it apart from other Vegas or bachelor party-type of movies,” said Holton, who graduated magna cum laude from Princeton University and went on to earn a degree from Harvard Law School.  “When you first see the destroyed suite and that Fat Jesus guy goes into the bathroom and is peeing and then sees a tiger in the bathroom, and then looks away, and then finally realizes there’s a frigging tiger in the bathroom, I just laughed and laughed.  And then came those end credits, oh man were they good.”

 Added Holton: “Me and Tthe-hangover-posterim really thought we were going to lose it.”

Holton said she saw the movie last Saturday with her husband; attended a Monday matinee with her children; and did “a girl’s night” last night with friends.  The 51-year-old said the direction Todd Phillips, best known for the films Old School and Road Trip, carried The Hangover for a full 100 minutes of “all out laughs,” regardless of a “semi-lame” scene where the protagonists are tazed by young children.

“I guess in these sophomoric comedies you’re going to get a few guys getting kicked – or in this case, shocked – in the nuts, but I don’t think it took away from the movie as a whole,” said Holton, who for years has worked tirelessly to improve the welfare of Virginia’s children and families. “I applaud Phillips and the writers for their vision on this one.  Great, great stuff.”

Holton, who leads the nonprofit organization For Keeps to promote the placement of older foster children, said “the dumb fat one” in the movie was her hands-down favorite character.

“Zach Galifianakis, or however you say his last name, is going to be the next big thing in Hollywood comedy, mark my words,” she said.  “Some of his scenes in his film will go down in motion picture history, you can count on that.”

Gov. Kaine said that while he “thoroughly enjoyed” The Hangover, his approval of it is perhaps not to the level of his wife of 25 years.

“Anne has always been big into this type of humor and film genre,” Kaine said, noting Holton forced her would-be husband to the premiere of Animal House in 1978.  “Though, I can’t say that I’m looking forward to this summer when she drags me to her second favorite kind of movie: Transformers.”


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