Children At Kings Dominion Told They Are At Disney World

NOT ORLANDO, FLA. – Looking to save money in a down economy, Chesterfield County parents Greg and Andrea McGlaughlin convinced their three young children on Saturday that a 30-minute ride north to Kings Dominion was actually a week-long trip to the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fla.

Throughout the course of the seven-hour visit to the Doswell amusement park, the McGlaughlin’s successfully led their children believe that the former Smurf eiffelMountain was Disney World’s iconic Space Mountain, and that the SpongeBob SquarePants and Scooby-Doo mascots were Mickey Mouse and Pluto, respectively.

Each hour was also said to be a full day, as the young and peurile children have no concept of time.

“Here it is, kids, the place where dreams come true,” 42-year-old patriarch Greg convinced children Katie, 5, and Thomas, 6, as the family of four entered the fairly-thrilling gates of the 400-acre park.

“Look over there, guys, it’s Cinderella’s castle,” he added, pointing to the 1/3-scale Eiffel Tower replica.

Wife Andrea said they got the idea for taking their children to Kings Dominion after both agreed that a trip to Florida for a week with two small kids would not only be expensive – they estimate savings at roughly $2,600 – but also “a giant pain in our asses.”

“When you have small children and are trying to raise a family, particularly in this economy, you’re always looking for ways to save money,” Mrs. McGlaughlin said.  “We find that bald-face lies work best.”

Greg also noted that he was “relieved” to see that the 400-acre Kings Dominion had a “tea cup-like” ride, similar to the iconic Mad Hat Party spinning children’s attraction at the largest amusement park in the world.

Thomas, a kindergartner at Bon Air Elementary, said he was thrilled to finally get to go to Disney World for the first time, and couldn’t wait to see how his horrible parents would fabricate their way into taking him to the Kennedy Space Center.


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  1. In a related story, it was learned today that the world renowned torts attorney Wi Sue Ewe has filed a class action suit on behalf of the McGlaughlin children on the grounds of false affections and misrepresentation of trust and emotional distress against the parents for their obvious trickery. Ms Ewe said today during her press conference that she expected the parents likely had also use such ruses before to lay the blame for shortchanging Christmas at the feet of Santa Clause. She made no references to the Easter Bunny….

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