Sources: Something Important Happening Today In Virginia

Something important is happening in Virginia today, which could alter the course of the state’s history for the next five months or even longer, according to numerous sources. 

It is unknown whether the state’s residents need to do anything, the sources said, though most will likely go about their day as normal anyway.

“We are still not exactly certain as to what is going on, but I swear, we had something marked on the calendar for about this time in June,” Gov. Timothy M. Kaine told reporters.  “Hopefully it’s not a big deal.”

Observers said today “could be anything,” including the anniversary of something World War II-related, the release of a local musician’s CD, or maybe even something political – though that would be rather weird since it’s not November.  If today’s events are really, really significant, there is also a chance that whatever is going on may be on the news later, or maybe not.

“Today? Yes, I am very aware of the importance of this day for all of Virginia, and even the rest of the country,” said Richmond resident Megan Bales, as she grabbed a coffee downtown.  “It’s just three days until Friday.”


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