Cop Humming Action Movie Music During High-Speed Chase

Nearing speeds of nearly 100 miles per hour through the streets of downtown yesterday evening in pursuit of an armed robbery suspect, Richmond police officer Raymond Hopkins III sung to himself an orchestral arrangement of action movie music, sources said.

“Duh duh dum dum da da dum, da da da bop bop bum,” the car’s recorder picked up the 32-year-old officer as humming, a score believed to be a mix between the soundtrack for The Rock and Speed, including what was a possible crescendo from The Dark Knight while radioing for backup. “Dah, dah, dah, dah, duh, DOMP.”  

The officer, whose humming-while-pursuing influences include well-known composers Hans Zimmer and Danny Elfman,  also made makeshift percussion sounds by beating his thumbs against the steering wheel as he rammed the left rear wheel of 38-year-old David Marcus Price’s Chrysler Sebring in an attempt to force the vehicle off the road.

After unnecessarily fishtailing around a corner for dramatic effect, Hopkins later provided himself with a suspenseful choral interlude when the suspect slammed headfirst into a tree and was killed upon impact.


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