City Fifth Grader Inducted Into Pen 15 Club

With less than two weeks left in the 2008-2009 school year, Binford Middle School fifth grader Javon Norman was formally inducted into the top-secret Pen 15 Club today, society members have confirmed. 

The inauguration of Norman, held during the wait in the cafeteria’s lunch line, included the ritualistic asking by one-time Pen 15 Club member Michael Richels as to whether the 11-year-old was interested in joining the priviledged organization.

“Sure!,” an excited Norman was overheard saying, according to sources.  Richels, 12, then performed the public initiation ceremony: the writing of the word “Pen” followed by the number 15 onto his friend’s outer forearm, in permanent marker.

“I knew he would want to join as soon as I asked,” Richels said chuckling, noting he was a member of the Pen 15 Club for five minutes last week before washing his arm with soap and hot water.  “Javon falls for everything.” 

Norman said he later asked Richels during a computer class to nonchalantly log onto in order to “view all the neat types of pens for sale.”


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  1. After this, hits to will rise 10-fold. I wonder if Mr. Strummer did some “research” on the site prior to publishing the article.

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