Guy About To Ride Segway Wants To Ask Instructor If He Can Take It Off Any Sweet Jumps

Moments into his instructional lesson on how to properly ride a Segway before his group’s tour of Richmond, local man Peter Gerloff toyed with the idea of asking the guide if he could take the two-wheeled personal transporter “off of any sweet jumps.”

“You know, kind of like that line from Napoleon Dynamite,” the 23-year-old Gerloff whgerloffispered to friend Claire Pence, who encouraged him to go forward with the well-known movie reference.   “Though, line from a movie or not, I think it’d still be fun to take it off some jumps.”

Segway of Richmond tour guide Walt Owens said he is frequently asked, in jest, the jump question – and it’s getting rather old.

“Everyone thinks it’s really clever to say, and people always ask in that hushed, moany accent that the Napoleon Dynamite guy has,” said Owens, who typically bites his lip but would prefer to tell customers that they can launch the Segway over the side of a city bridge if they so-frigging-desire.  “Their impressions typically suck, though, and I’d think people would have at least thought to whip out some Gladiator- or Spartacus-chariot jokes, or at least a mall-cop-on-Segway reference.  But no.”

Gerloff later told reporters that he would indeed pull the “sweet jumps” question in a Napoleon Dynamite-fashion, but would fallback on “storing his numchucks” in the Segway’s handlebar bag if there were no laughs.


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