Richmond Braves Playing All Away Games This Season


The Richmond Braves began their 49th season last Friday – the first, league officials said, that will see the city’s Triple-A baseball team play all of its 140 games on the road.

Half of the games will take place at the brand new Richmond Braves ballpark in a small Atlanta suburb, “and then we’ll do the other half elsewhere around the eastern United States,” said Dave Brundage, the R-Braves general manager.  “Unfortunately, we were unable to schedule any of those games in Richmond this year.”

Added Brundage: “Funny how that all worked out.”

The R-Braves have also updated the look of the Diamond Duck mascot, he said, replacing its yellow feathers with brown fur, its beak with buck teeth, and its name with Chopper the Groundhog.

Brundage said he hopes the local team will play in Richmond again sometime in the near future, hopefully as soon as 6050.


6 thoughts on “Richmond Braves Playing All Away Games This Season

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  1. Very funny! But here in Gwinnett, we’re thrilled to have them. Thanks, Richmond!

    Mary Ellen
    Gwinnett County, GA

  2. What was done to Richmond is an outrage and the Braves should be ashamed. Hopefully, Richlmond will be back in baseball again very soon.

    Gwinnett was a terrible choice. I hope they fail.

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