Reporter Develops Perfect Segue

WTVR-CBS 6 reporter Jon Burkett told colleagues this morning that he has planned “the absolutely most perfect segue” for tonight that will provide a seamless transition between a serious story about five people killed in a Richmond house fire, to a report on a clumsy local convenience-store robber.

burkettt“I’ve had this one in my back pocket for a while.  So right after [anchor] Rob [Cardwell] mentions how, like, everyone died in the fire, the shot cuts to me, and I pop in with a, ‘And speaking of killing a crowd, Rob, get a load of this guy,'” Burkett said, attempting to bridge the tragic deaths to the chuckles viewers would have at security camera footage of a thief falling through the ceiling of a 7-Eleven.  “I mean, it’s a natural procession from bad news to funny news that won’t jar the audience.  I could be wrong, but I think viewers are going to respond pretty highly to that.”

Burkett’s coworkers were reportedly planning on telling the Chesterfield County native that the segue might not go over too well with viewers, but decided against it after fearing that he might have his feelings hurt.


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