Place On Corner That Probably Sells Weed Tested To See If It Definitely Sells Weed


Curious local residents Ross Foster and Amirezza Nayar finally got around to checking out the store on Main Street that more than likely sells marijuana in its back room, just to see if indeed it sells marijuana in the back room, sources confirmed today.

“I mean, look inside at all the hippie stuff they sell, they have to have some basic pot or at the very least, cannabis in there, right?” the 24-year-old Nayar said of the duo’s long-held theory of The Happy Corner at 2400 W. Main St.  

The four-year-old corner grocery, or convenience store, or some sort of shop, offers a variety of stickers, incense, knitted things, stuff, and most likely, some primo Mary J.

“The place has even has a bike repair shop in the back, so I bet that’s how they transport the weed,” said Foster, a self-described customer service representative at Applebee’s.  “I’m just gonna ask.  It’s like going into a cigar store and asking for Cubans – I’m sure they get the question all the time.”

Upon entry into the store, which sells an array of colorful water pipes – “you know, bongs,” the 25-year-old Foster quickly noted – the young men’s nerves were immediately overtaken with anxiety, rendering both unable to ask The Happy Corner’s long-haired clerk if he “had anything good.”

Foster and Nayar then abruptly left, and bee-lined it directly to their pot-getting fallback, roommate Tim Rockwell.


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