Mayor Still Chuckling Over That SNL ‘I’m On A Boat’ Video

In his Monday briefing today, Richmond Mayor Dwight Jones brought staffers up to speed on his agenda for the week, updated some preliminary budget figures, and revealed that he is unable to stop thinking and giggling about the Saturday Night Live video “I’m on a Boat,” sources said.

The song and video, a profanity-laced SNL Digital Short that parodies the over-the-top materialism of rap stars, recently surpassed 15 million views on YouTube, “half of which probably came from me,” the 62-year-old mayor jokedboat.  “I can’t get enough, ever since my neighbor’s kid showed it to me,” Jones said, before crooning a few lines from the song: “I’m on a boat, mofo, I’m on a boat, mofo.”

“Though they say the real word,” Jones added.

The mayor noted that he was particularly impressed that R&B singer-songwriter T-Pain – “one of my faves” – participated in a music video that outwardly satirizes rap cliches.  Still, Jones, realizing that not all in the room of 22 mayoral staff had seen the video, attempted to describe the 3-minute clip that premiered on SNL in early February.

“I mean, have you guys seen this?  Have you?  It’s like the young white guy on SNL and another guy who I don’t know, and they’re eating breakfast, and the guy from SNL wins a boat ride for three people, and you think he’s going to choose his two friends, but then he chooses one friend and then T-Pain, who just happens to be there at the time,” the mayor said, losing several colleagues who either had not seen the video or were expressedly disinterested in the subject.  “And then they all go out on a huge white yacht and are singing, and flipping hamburgers and stuff.”

“I guess you just have to see it,” Jones added.

Despite his enjoyment of “I’m on a Boat,” the mayor said a previous song on SNL was a “disgusting, crude display” of what happens when young men shop for groceries, eat grapes, or watch the end of The Sixth Sense.


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  1. haha! I loved this post. The Lonely Island is great, did you happen to see the new video for “Like a Boss”? It’s another masterpiece!!!

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