Monument 10K Route Includes Girl Scout Cookie Stations For Participants

Organizers for tomorrow’s Ukrop’s Monument Avenue 10K said this morning that they have set aside special stations at miles two, four, and 5.2 so that participants can hydrate themselves with milk and several varieties of Girl Scout cookie during the race.

“While runnerslugbill and walkers will of course be able to get water at several points along the course, we felt that, being that time of year, it was only appropriate to offer multiple varieties of everyone’s favorite cookies and some cold milk along the course,” said Jon Lugbill, Executive Director of the Richmond SportsBackers. 

Girl Scout cookies are sold only during January through April, he noted, making the youth organization’s treats “the perfect match” for the annual springtime 6.2-mile race, one of the largest of its kind in the country.

“Offering cookies does run counter to our core values of a living a healthy lifestyle, but I mean, live a little,”  the five-time individual world champion in whitewater canoeing noted as he ran his forefinger down the top of a box of Thin Mints, carefully making sure not to destroy the sealing tab. 

Lugbill said the victor of this year’s race will receive $20,000, a gold-plated trophy, and a year’s supply 0f the new Dulce De Leche Latin caramel cookies – all of which will be waiting at home for the winner when he returns to Kenya.


4 thoughts on “Monument 10K Route Includes Girl Scout Cookie Stations For Participants

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  1. On behalf of our many villages, it is our hope that these nourishing cookies may be awarded to gardener Eric Ngutu or laundromat owner Janice Djutti or any of the other plants we’ve embedded into your society to act as commoners and take your race-day booty. The cookies will be ours.

    …and if you don’t relinquish them, we’ll just continue with our very popular email campaigns.

    That is all.

  2. Hey S, welcome to the World Wide Web. Sometimes people make jokes on it, but don’t let that stop you from taking it seriously.

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