VCU Street-crosser Times Street Crossing Perfectly


Virginia Commonwealth University art history major and self-described professional street-crosser Kartik Malhotra said today that his daily morning crossing of Laurel Street at Franklin Street was “absolutely impeccable.”

“I knew that, from the moment I began crossing the street, this traverse of Franklin was a sheer winner, and that the front of my shoe would just narrowly miss the back end of that [Hyundai] Elantra,” said the 19-year-old Malhotra, who was listening to his iPod at the time of the road fording.  “I’m sure the driver of that car pretty much thought they’d nail me on their port side, but I was in complete control the entire time.”

“It was so sweet,” he added.

Malhotra’s street-crossing luck ended roughly four minutes later at Laurel and Main streets, where the student almost timed his crossing perfectly but was instead struck by a motorcycle, flipped into the air, and run over by driver Nancy Kadi, a VCU student and self-described “professional mopeder.”


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