Richmond Magazine Mulling Over More Original Phrase For 'Best Of'


Having already scrapped such options as “Greatest In,” “Most Superb Of,” and “Hunkiest Doriest About,” Richmond Magazine editors admitted today that they are running out of options for an updated name for its annual “Best Of” issue. 

“I’m telling you, we’ve looked over everything, from phrases like ‘The Cat’s Pajamas of Richmond’ to ‘A-OK Things In River City,’ and a whole bunch of other expressions, but nothing is popping,” said managing editor Jack Cooksey, noting the terms “Peachiest Of,” “Superest-Duperest In” and “Dyno-MITE-iest Of” have all been tabled as the title for the popular August issue of the independent magazine.

Also considered but unpopular with staff were the use of “Least Repugnant Of,” “Most Non-Incompetent In,” and “Greatestly Un-Detestable Of,” Cooksey said.

He noted the the top contender for the upcoming magazine is “The Most Crackerjackily Laudable Outta Sightly Superior Stuff In Richmond That We Hope Potential Advertisers Will See And Love,” issue, which is certain to name The Tobacco Company Restaurant as the best in Richmond.


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