Richmond Now Available In 3-D


Thought you knew the Richmond skyline?  Take another look.

Buildings, parks, trees, highways and more now appear to show length, width, depths and height when viewed from any angle – and without the need for special 3-D glasses.

“I was looking at the skyline from across the [James] river the other day, and it was like the [14th Street] bridge was coming right towards me, and got smaller in the distance,” said Shockoe Bottom resident Alicia Boyd.  “Not only that, I could totally tell that some buildings were farther away than others, or estimate how much further I had to walk in order to cross the road.”

“It was just like real life,” she added.

Mayor Dwight Jones said in a press conference this morning that making the city have dimensions of space and time to “truly showcase our physical universe” was one of his first priorities as mayor.  

“You can look down any streetscape now and instantly tell if a person is far away, or up close.  No need for special glasses,” the mayor said.  “You can even reach out and touch parts of the city, like sidewalks, trees, what-have-you.  So when you think about it, the city is basically four dimensions now.”

Jones said he hoped to have city covered in that Magic Eye stuff by November 2010.


7 thoughts on “Richmond Now Available In 3-D

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  1. I’m pretty sure you guys have day jobs. So how can you smoke whatever it is you smoke everyday and still go to work? Brilliant!

  2. As usual, Richmond is just following the “latest” trend. Charlotte, Louisville, and Baltimore have been in 3-D for years. Cutting edge would be fourth or fifth dimension, or the City in Scratch-N-Sniff.

  3. I was walking down Cary today and a panhandling homeless person in a snuggy startled me as they reached their hand out to ask for change. It was like their hand was coming right at me! At first I panicked until I remembered that the city converted too 3D.

    1. Weekly? WEEKLY?!?!?!?!?? Shell, you should be checking every morning, afternoon and evening of every day. It will enrich your life.

  4. Well done Mayor Jones, this move will solve a major problem. The former 1D city only occupied a several mile long one inch strip along the James. By expanding out into 3D the city will need more space and can therefore buy up all empty properties that people can’t sell these days. Hooray 3D!

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