University Of Richmond Raises Tuition To A Holy Shitload

University of Richmond President Edward L. Ayers said yesterday that the school has raised tuition 3.1 percent to a price you wouldn’t even begoddamnlieve if he told you: $48,490,ur for Chrissake.

“These additional revenues – and there are a whopping hella-ton of them – will help us maintain educational quality at UR,” Ayers said, noting the cost increase was the lowest in 40 years but was, nonetheless, “still a Chinese Chubby Checkers-load of cash.”

Like most colleges across the U.S., UR raises the cost of tuition, room and board every year.  For instance, only two years ago, UR’s tuition was just $34,500, which, well actually, is still a shit-ton of money, like enough for a pretty frigging nice BMW. 

Though UR’s endowment has declined, the university president said more than $18,000 per student will still be given in academic support, “which rules.”  Of the total cost, Ayers said approximately 98 percent of the funds are put toward the awesome-ass-looking campus landscaping.


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