Request For Tape Dispenser Mistaken As Flirtation

Jess Rombach’s seemingly innocuous request for a tape dispenser from Capital One co-worker David McFarland this morning was wrongfully interpreted by the 24-year-old financial analyst as a “signal,” sources said today.

“I could tell by the way she asked ‘Do you have one I could borrow?’ that she was into me,” McFarland said, handing Rombach his black Scotch Decor C-15 tape dispenser and wondering if his actions might lead to dinner and possibly sexual intercourse later in the evening.  “I picked up a pretty good vibe from her, but of course asking her out would be totally out of line.”

The 22-year old Rombach thanked her colleague for the tape dispenser, then wondered if he would ever pick up on her signals, grow some balls, and ask her on a date.


8 thoughts on “Request For Tape Dispenser Mistaken As Flirtation

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  1. Shit, if they’re at CrapitalOne, they’re too busy thinking about how to drink the Kool-Aid and Move the Cheese let alone have sex.

  2. Better yet, JD, what if we hired you at Tobacco Ave.? By using words such as “modicum,” and forcing people to go to to make sure that it means “a small bit,” you sound like you’ve got what it takes to make it as a writer!

  3. “What’s in your wallet, David?”

    “Three XL condoms, two matted bar napkins with digits I can’t read, my security swipe ID and a laminated Personalsyis matrix. I had a credit card but some jerkwad at Richbrau cut it in half.”

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