CarMax CEO Deems Damn DVR Not Max Worthy

Unable to get the damn stupid thing to record last night’s episode of The Office, CarMax CEO Tom Folliard told reporters that his home digital-video recorder is definitely not Max Worthy, the used-car retailer’s standard rating system for its

“Piece of crap, it’s like I can’t even get the thing’s thing to get set up at the right time for the thing,” a frustrated Folliard said, noting that, if the DVR player were one of the Richmond-based company’s cars, it would not be sold to customers.  “Maybe it’s the A.M. and P.M. settings, but it’s like there’s not even a button for that.”

The DVR then jumped out of Folliard’s television cabinet and whipped the CEO over the head with its power cord, then ate all his food and set his house on fire.

“It’s definitely not Max Worthy,” Folliard concluded.


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