Couple To Honeymoon At Short Pump Arby’s

Jayson Hearn and Helenda Rowell, who will be married in May, said today that they plan to spend their 10-day honeymoon at the log cabin-like Arby’s in Henrico County’s far west end.

“A lot of [newlarbysywed] couples go to beaches or other countries, but I can’t think of anything more romantic than vacationing at what looks like a Montana moose lodge, and right in our own backyard,” said Hearn, a 32-year-old human resources executive, noting he and his wife-to-be plan to dine on hot roast beef and cheddar sandwiches and Jamocha shakes at the all-inclusive restaurant.  

“Can you even believe it’s a fast-food chain? And they even bring everything to your table,” he said.  “Love that place.”

Rowell, 28, said the two have made accommodations to stay in a king-size corner booth and have scheduled several different activities during the trip, including a lesson in using the meat slicer, a curly fry cooking class, and a zip-line tour through the Short Pump canopy.


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  1. I think the bride is sending the right message, if you teach the guy that Arby’s is home- sweet-home right from the get go- there will be no complaining when you toss a foil wrapped sandwich on his plate and say “happy anniversary”.

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