Blogger-Turned-Council Candidate Runs Up City Hall Steps, Spins, Throws Punches Into Air

Moments after announcing plans to seek the seat for 7th District Councilman yesterday, sources said Richmond blogger John Murden, donning a grey tracksuit and black wool-knit cap, ran up the steps of City Hall in what appeared to be a showing of “uncontrollable glory and boundless energy.”

Sources obsemurdenrving the local middle school teacher and founder of community blog Church Hill People’s News said that Murden, who was taking a training jog at the time, decided to run up the stairs in pride, having been moved by the feeling of a great challenge that lay ahead of him.  Once arriving at the top of the flight of six stairs, sources said the 36-year-old everyman threw a series of punches into the air, spun around several times, then – unable to control his blissful emotion – repeatedly jumped up and down, raising his hands above his head and pumping his fists.

“I saw this guy jogging slow and then stop for a moment at the base of the City Hall steps.  You could tell he thought about it for a while, and then all the sudden just went for it,”  said Elaine Curran, who was walking nearby at the time.  “All the while he was running up those six steps he was shouting ‘Gonna Fly Now’ in a really high-pitched tone, over and over again.” 

“It was an iconic scene,” she added.

Other observers nearby said once Murden’s victory ascent was complete, he “kinda snapped out of it,” began walking down the stairs, tripped, fell, picked himself up and walked back to his Church Hill home. 

He then immediately blogged and Twittered the entire experience.


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